The patented hopper that concentrates and stops dust

Tramoggia Dust Stop

No more dust with every load and zero waste

• Healthier environment for the employees
• No costs for dust disposal
• Less risks of dust explosions
• Extra profits

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Automatic or manual, solutions for every need

• No aspiration system
• Less product loss
• Less maintenance of the loading area

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The patented DS - Dust Stop hopper is used for any type of dusty loads, it eliminates the need for filtration systems. The principle of operation for the patented hopper system DS - Dust Stop is focusing the dust inside the product flow (see the flow chart). This allows for a natural dust stopping during the fall of the product.

Automatic System


Indicated for the passage of products with different specific weight, the falling flow is adjusted automatically through an electrical device.

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Manual System


Suitable for a product with multiple load points, the falling flow is manually adjusted.

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Unique features for multiple uses

The patented DS - Dust Stop hopper has been tested and proven to be highly effective in reducing dust during the bulk loading of dry, granular, and free-flowing products. Common examples include cereals, fertilizers, animal feed, raw sugar, salt, and sand.
We have successfully condensed all the listed products into a reduced volume flow to enable free-fall loading through the air. By excluding air from the product, dust is contained within the flow, achieving high levels of dust reduction as the product falls and lands in the loading container.

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